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#Be #yourself? What if yourself is what you are worr…

Be yourself? What if yourself is what you are worried about? Seriously, what if you grew up immersed in abusive or unhealthy behavior patterns and those had a very strong impact on the instinctual values which became a part of your natural make up?!?! Meaning that when you find yourself in emotionally challenging situations that the only responses that are familiar to you are those you would rather gag at the end of a rope than consider how awful your life may be if you never learn to live any differently?!?! Well if you were to ask me this is one case where I’d say forget yourself and go out and try to be like the person you want to be and don’t give it a second thought when you fail! You are going to fail often because you are not going to be familiar or posses any expertise so the failures are going to be perfectly natural as a child who is learning to walk! Don’t you ever give up! Acceptance of your old ways is not an option! No way when you know how much more loving and meaningful life is on the other side! Don’t you even allow yourself that disappointment at all! You are filled with courage to begin at all! And the fact that you have chosen not to accept your old patterns as something allowable is nothing short of heroic and I am an immediate admirer! Don’t you ever give up! You are amazing and beautiful and heroic! Please don’t ever give up! Sure it is ok to grieve, yes I recommend it, but only as long as you don’t allow it to keep you from proceeding forth from it as one who has been allowed to survive and leave us all with a lesson to learn or a hope to yearn in our waking moment of truth to live out as we desire to be remembered or to remember how we were able live afterwards!

“…time and beauty helps heal.” J.M.

Courage love and strength in your pursuit!

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#fragment: “…you use works of art to see your soul.” (George Bernard Shaw) I agree with this, for as…

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” — George Bernard Shaw

I agree with this, for art provides opportunity to practice interpreting and responding to the elements before us, and the ‘soul’ of these decisions will be our intentions, priorities and values. Thus to the extent that art is an expression of our intentions and priorities, art provides opportunity for us to examine these expressions as clues that can help us not only better understand but also endeavor to heal our soul closer to the way we want to see not only ourselves, but the world. Yes art provides a very helpful paradigm or framework for doing just that. My desire and hope is that we choose love and beauty as the basis for our intentions and that we continue to pursue these qualities without end.