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6 #photos: a lonely road

Sometimes we are called to travel a lonely road. It may be dark and rainy or bright and sunny but the travel is ours to go. We may wonder at our fortune but we still find ourselves here. And yet in some ways we are not alone. All around the world we are many traveling a lonely road. Some roads may be so hot we have to shield ourselves from getting burned, others so dark and rainy that we strain to see what is ahead. But for whatever reason we are traveling this lonely road, I find honor and humility in that in some way we are in this together.

For my friends engaged in struggle and suffering, I want so much for your relief, for your hearts to be comforted. I want so much for you to find the strength and courage to continue on. The one thing that consoles me is that my road traveled this evening brought me here to you, and for this moment at least my thoughts are with you, and remembering you, our hearts are together.

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#photos: I want to help. I want to give.

I use a camera to engage in a creative process for which I am the principle beneficiary. I create hundreds of images a day which for the most part I am the only one who sees.

This opportunity has been a huge help for me as I work through the many issues I have on my heart from day to day. I have to write that again: The opportunity to practice creating from my immediate environment has been a huge aid for me as I attempt to cope with all the grief and stress I go through from moment to moment whether present or haunted by memory. So I am a committed artist now. I am learning to process my grief in a positive way and I am healing beyond those places where I had once suffered.

Now having survived and managed to lift myself from grief I am now able to raise up my eyes and look out to beyond where I’ve been and once more ask myself if there is more I can do for others who are not yet able comfortably breathe a sigh of relief for their life that is so overwhelmed with grief.

For them I now want to give my attention. As I have emerged from the wreckage of life by the help of others, I now want take my turn and look back toward the plane crash and offer my own hand to help the next person from the burning heart of wreckage too.

I want to help. I am looking and giving thought toward the how and what to do. Peace love and holding on. Steven


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