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Well I’m the “techy” in the family. So I’m the one who setup this blog. I’m also a practicing conceptual artist who intends not to stray too far from home. Hence when given the choice, I setup a blog for our family rather than myself. My intention is to never take my good fortune of being a part of this family for granted. Hence my cause for keeping the subject of our family central to the source of credit for any good that I can bring.

My view of art: Very simply: “The expression of intent.” Basically, an expression will always follow our “will”. It is an act of volition. Choice follows intent. Intent follows interpretation. Interpretation itself is a choice. The question as I see it just boils down to what we want. Kind of like the same place we are left in with the exhortation to “be the change we want to see in the world”. We are left with the question of identifying what we “want”. I want to pursue “creating more good/love/beauty than I consume”. Unattainable? Maybe 100%, but certainly I can still hope to improve the ratio with practice and that gives me a place to start.

Technique? Must be mobile and fluid such that my time with family is disrupted the least. Intent: compliment my relationships with family, work, friends, community and strive for meaningful relevance to what is going on in the world. All is fair game, whether conceptual or material. I do frequently use a camera with antique lenses, pure manual controls and homemade polymer filters.

I like the idea of having pages for each of us though. Hopefully this space can be a place where each of us in our little family can interact with the Internet community at large.

That’s all for now.



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